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 As a sports fan, you surely rely on the different sports streaming sites and services accessible to keep up with the latest sporting events. However, you may find yourself on a bus or at a location without even a tv and radio to watch your live sport, but you do have access to a computer or a tablet device. Simply connect to the internet and begin streaming live.

On the other hand, obtaining free access to sports websites may be more difficult, as streaming on the internet is not typically free; you will need to subscribe to certain channels in order to view them live, but here is the good news.

We’ve done the investigative work and selected the top ten absolutely free sports channels and streaming websites. Due to the fact that some of these services are only available to residents of specific countries, you’ll need a solid VPN to get the most out of online sports watching.


Why is a VPN Required for Sports Streaming?

Some of the most popular online content may be geo–restricted, difficulty in accessing your favorite sports content. By utilizing a virtual private network, you can gain access to geo-restricted website content from any location. A virtual private network (VPN) links you to servers situated throughout the world, creating the illusion of having a Network address from a separate place.
A VPN protects your online activities from prying eyes and adware, and most significantly, it enables you to stream sports matches freely.

We’ve assembled a list of the best ten sports streaming websites to keep you informed of all the latest updates and results from the greatest sporting events. Each of these websites offers a variety of visual quality settings, allowing you to customize the stream to your liking.

Top Ten Free Sports Streaming Sites


You are not required to register to watch sports on VIPRow, including football, basketball, baseball, racing, tennis, professional soccer, and ice hockey. VIPRow is a wise choice if you’re seeking for a website with lesser pop-ups than those of competitors. You can visit them at any time to begin your free streaming, and there are no restrictions. Once you’ve established a stable internet connection, you’re ready to start.



For instance, you can use Stream2watch to watch all of the biggest sporting events live on your smartphone or computer. This includes football and soccer championship matches in the United States, as well as NBA and NHL events. Stream2watch, despite the pop-ups, offers excellent streams and is really easy to use, so there is no need to register.


While FootyBite is an excellent streaming website, it offers fewer streams than any of its competitors, including those for US football, soccer, and volleyball, as well as networks like the League and Men’s basketball. Despite the pop-up advertisements, FootyBite is a very user-friendly site that requires no registration.


On FromHot’s, you can watch a variety of sports, which include American football, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, combat sports, field hockey, motor racing, and tennis. You can stream leagues from all over the world without creating an account, and there are few advertisements.


Football and rugby are the most popular game on LiveTV, although basketball and hockey are also covered. While live feeds are accessible, you may also receive some incredible highlights. Pop-ups are an irritating side effect of utilizing LiveTV, but the highlights are more than worth the pain if you can stand them. There is no reason to register.



If it is Football or field hockey live matches from throughout the world, as well as basketball, American football, rugby, Moto racing and several other sports channels, are all available without interruption on Rojadirecta.

Although the site has pop-up advertisements, it is otherwise simple to navigate and does not require registration. The advertisements are tolerable because they are not overly distracting; after all, that is their sole source of cash.


Crickfree is the most ad-supported free streaming service available. Apart from the advertisements, this website provides fantastic live streaming opportunities for sports including professional soccer, boxing, cricket, American football (football), tennis, and basketball.

It’s more difficult to navigate due to the abundance of pop-up adverts, but the livestream is well worth the effort. This site does not require you to register.


On this user-friendly website, you may watch a range of sports for free, including football, soccer, volleyball, baseball, motocross, hockey, and golf. There are numerous unpleasant pop-ups, though they’re worth it for the large variety of high-quality streams available without registration. They offer a choice of stream quality options, and you can tailor the broadcast to your preferences.



CricHD enables you to watch sports like as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, and American sports, as well as ice hockey and racing, without requiring you to sign up for anything. There are pop-up advertisements, but they are easily ignored while concentrating on the game. As is the case with other free live stream possibilities, this one does as well.


SonyLIV offers access to professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, as well as live streams of sports such as football, boxing, and cricket. If you are situated in one of the restricted regions, you must use a VPN to access this website. SonyLIV provides different options for the stream quality so you can do well to select any one that suits you.

SonyLIV does not use obtrusive pop-ups, which sets it distinct from other live sports streaming online options. It’s uncommon to come across a free website without pop-up ads (and one that does not require registration). SonyLIV also offers free movie streaming including Korean movies, Indian movies, and lots more.


The 10 best free sports streaming sites are listed in the article; you may choose any of them. Bear in mind that all of the sites on our list contain advertisements.

In fact, you will not find a free streaming platform that does not, but the rate and density of the advertisements differs. The websites on this list include few advertisements, which I believe you can tolerate.

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