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What is the whole process of sewer cleaning in London?

Sewer cleaning in London is the process of cleaning drains and pipes. It includes removing micro-organisms, contaminants, and many other pollutants from wastewater.

The water that drains from sinks, baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and toilet is wastewater or also known as raw sewage.

Professional companies treat this type of water with a multi-stage process. And then make it able to return back safely into the environment.

Every professional company makes wastewater go through several stages to clean it for environmental protection.

The different stages of cleaning wastewater are


Primary Sewage Treatment.

Secondary Sewage Treatment.

Tertiary Treatment.

Private Wastewater Systems.


In this treatment, the professionals screen the debris and then remove the large debris. It includes sticks, leaves, rags, and wet-wipes, etc. They remove all of these items from the wastewater because these are not readily biodegradable by the process of bacteria.

The professional dried these items and then sent them to incinerated or landfill sites.

This treatment includes the removal of sand and grit. The sand and grit are settling out in tanks. Also, it is removed to landfill sites.

The professional companies try their best and ensure to eliminate everything from the wastewater to make it clean for the environment. They remove all of the things from raw sewage through pre-treatment.

Primary Sewage Treatment

Sewer cleaning London is the process that has to apply after the pre-treatment. In this treatment, in which they sink the organic solids to the bottom and form a sludge. It also fat to rise to the surface and form a crust or scum may be. The crust is open up by the aerobic bacteria and then partially digested.

The crust and sludge between the two layers of sediment are known as the first step of the primary sewage process. The professionals drain off the liquid which is in these two layers. The drains of the liquid for processing in the second stage process or treatment. Then they remove it periodically for further removal.

Secondary Sewage treatment

The secondary sewer cleaning London process includes the introduction of oxygen to the sewage. It also uses aerobic bacteria to break down organic matter. The organic matter mainly comes from the human body waste in the liquid area of sewage.

In this stage, the professional ensures to reduce the amounts of contaminants, and detergents, etc.

Moreover, the quality of the resulting effluent is safe for water waste point to a watercourse. Therefore, until the watercourse is already polluted or sensitive.

In a clarifying chamber, the humus and dead bacteria are allowed to settle out. On top of that, the sludge is regularly removed for any future treatment.

Moreover, every sewage process must have a certificate for acceptance by an environmental agency.

Sewer Cleaning London

Tertiary Treatment

This process is mainly required for delicate water waste points; for example trout streams.

The tertiary sewage process includes the aerobic stage which is followed by an oxygen-depleted stage. Also, which reduces phosphorus and nitrogen.

This process also may include a disinfection process by using UV light, ozone treatment, and chlorination to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Private Wastewater System

Mostly the pre-treatment and tertiary treatment sewage processes are not involved in the package sewage process. Because the owners care much care about what people flush down the toilet. Moreover, most of the watercourse will deal very effectively with a minor amount of contaminants that are left in the effluent.

Whereas, tertiary sewage process is very important and essential for rivers, coastal bathing water discharge points, and sensitive rivers. Visit us.

Here are some more sewer cleaning procedures which are

Hydraulic sewage cleaning method.

Mechanical sewage cleaning method.

Hydraulic Sewage Cleaning

This sewage cleaning method is also known as “Hydro Jetting” or “Jetting”. In this sewage cleaning method, they use water and pressurized air to eliminate debris and open up the blocked drains and break down clogs.

Hydraulic jets are high-efficiency machines. On top of that, it is the most common and latest method for cleaning sewage.

Moreover, water jetting is the safest and chemical-free sewage cleaning process. Also, does not damage any pipe or drain.

Mechanical Sewage Cleaning

This sewage cleaning method is also known as “Rodding”. Rodding sewage cleaning is an old cleaning method. In this method, they use a flexible method rod which is supposed to insert in the pipe and the engine rotates a bladed head. It will allow to break or remove the blockage, loosen debris, and cut roots.

On top of that, rodding is supposed to clean the lines which are 1 to 2” diameter or may smaller.

Above sewage, cleaning methods are also used to treat blocked sinks in London.

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