What’s better? – A replacement or a repair?

Almost all of us have been through the situation that a tablet or a smartphone is broken. Depending upon several factors, you make this big decision. As a smartphone or a tablet is indispensable nowadays, it’s good to decide quickly. Most of us can’t even spend a single minute without checking our phones. Given the importance of this decision, here are the tips on whether a repair is better or a replacement itself-

Does only a new phone mean a better phone? 

The answer to this question seems to be truly straightforward “of course, replace it with a fresh one”. But unfortunately, things are not that simple. The common myth that a new device will always give a better performance is not true. For example, maybe the new version of that phone drains the battery more rapidly, or maybe it heats up more than may annoy you all the time. It would be tougher to deal with a new phone as you are already much comfortable and fluent with your present one. So, if you are happy with your current device, it’s advised to go for a repair. There are many other examples which give you the same conclusion, that a new one is not always better.

Consider the repairing cost with the cost of a new iPhone

While comparing the cost of repair of a broken or malfunctioned phone with the cost of buying a new one, always check how much you can make if you sell the broken phone?

Due to the presence of numerous finest iPhone repairing corners all around the cities and the growing science and technology, you will find many of them working at really affordable prices. Even the iPhone water damage repair does not lighten your pocket much, to get it completely repaired. Engineers are still trying to shorten the expenses of repairs by involving more smart additions in the market.

However, the cost of the repair may sometimes be really expensive. It depends upon the type and severity of the damage. Anyway, you can always clear your doubts from the repair shop about how much it will cost you to repair your phone, what’s the difference of money between the repaired cost and the new phone’s cost. And how much do you are you expected to get when you sell your old phone?

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